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CBC Radio Interview


China's criticism of Canadian law is a change from refusing criticism of their own: expert  Canada-China Tensions

To discuss tensions between the two countries and how to move forward, T

Global News Radio Interview


Examining Canada-China Tensions at the G20 Summit 

630CHED the Ryan Jespersen Show Podcast Interview

July 2, 2019

Global News Radio - Interview


Global News Radio - Panda Politics with Danielle Smith 

Panda's are in high demand worldwide and China is managing their distribution strategically by applying Panda Diplomacy - using the Panda's as a negotiation chip in global trade discussions.  

BNN Bloomberg - Interview


Canada needs to move from defence to offence on Huawei, 5G: China expert

Amy Karam, author of The China Factor, joins BNN Bloomberg to weigh in on the controversy swirling around Huawei's prominent presence in Canadian universities and future in the nation's 5G networks.

Canadian Global Affairs Institute

Managing the China Challenge: A Discussion with Amy Karam - Podcast

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